A month on the beach

I have no idea if it is just me, but if I rent a lake house for a month on the beach, I expect there to be air conditioning in that home.

  • My expectations were about to be dashed.

My girlfriends were about to skin me alive at the same time. The several of us had decided to relive our teen years while in between graduation from school and beginning my careers. All of us wanted to live on the beach for a full month plus do nothing but swim plus sunbathe. Afterward, the two of us were going to go into the house, prefer the air conditioning plus after our showers, the two of us were going out to the club. I suppose how excited I was, and the others seemed to be much more. All of us packed as soon as the last graduation was over and then headed to the beach. The house was everything, plus more than what the two of us expected. All of us did rock, paper, scissors to decide who had to bunk with whom. There were only two bedrooms, but at least each bedroom has its own restroom as well. The only thing the bedrooms were missing was the air conditioning. There wasn’t any air conditioning in the beach house. All of us had to call the rental agency plus ask where the AC was. He swore there were window cooling systems in the house, plus the two of us invited him to look for himself. From what I had heard, the last people to be in the house had taken the cooling systems with them. He promised to bring a couple of cooling systems by that morning. When the two of us got back from the beach, the AC units were installed plus the house was cool plus comfortable.


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