My favorite place to be is in our cool, air conditioned camper

It has been in the nineties lately.

My favorite place to be is inside our air conditioned camper. My family likes to go on long camping trips regularly, plus I do too; Our definitions on what camping is are a bit odd though. They love the traditional style of outdoor camping. They get their tents plus camp for nights upon nights. They cook over the open campfire. I do not love that style of camping. I love to stay in our air conditioned camper plus cook on the hotplate there. Why on earth would I ever want to sleep in one of the super hot tents, when I could be in an air conditioned camper. I prefer camping when I get to sleep plus remain in our camper, and according to our family, the way that I camp is not really camping, although I don’t care what they think. I told them that I would sleep in a tent if they get an air conditioned tent. I refuse to sleep 1 night separate from air conditioning. They believe that I am quite ridiculous, plus I actually am, although I certainly prefer camping in our air conditioned camper. I wish that it would be cooler outside so that I could comfortably sleep in a tent, however it is just ridiculous for our family to believe that I would want to spend even 1 night out in these very hot temperatures. It has been in the nineties lately. I can’t imagine sleeping out in a tent when it is over ninety degrees outside. Air conditioning may seem love spoiling, although I am so glad that I have this air conditioning. When our family asks to come into our air conditioned camper, it helps me to remember that I am not that ridiculous after all. Even they get sick of the heat plus want to come into the air conditioned camper.

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