Checking HVAC while the restaurant is closed

While I dwell and Southern areas, many of the bars and restaurants are temporarily shut down due to employees and other patrons testing positive for Coronavirus.

One local bar made national news when a group of friends tested positive for the virus after being out together.

Bars and restaurants sent many messages to social media platforms to state that they were all taking the right safety precautions. They shut down the store for a few minutes in order to perform a deep and thorough cleaning. They also made sure that employees went to gain a downside covid-19 test. Restaurants are easily taking the right precautions to ensure employees and other folks are not symptomatic. It’s difficult if you unknowingly spread that virus around to others. I also prefer restaurants that take time to clean the inside and outside and kill pathogens that could potentially be lurking on services or utensils. Another Grand Step that many restaurants should take is hiring a heating comment by Malaysian, and AC business to disinfect and clean all of the areas. The heating, ventilation, and a c company even performs routine checks on the AC and changes the filters. With restaurants losing a ton of money, it is important to consistently be ready for reopening at any time and that means making sure that the indoor air quality is ideal and working properly. With mandatory lockdowns occurring everywhere, not many people have to go eat as well as get out of the house I know. Unfortunately, everyone has to be gone in order to perform a service update on all of the equipment.



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