It was there and then it was gone

My a/c fell out the window; I have no method to understand how it happened, but my a/c fell out the window last night.

It seriously scared myself and others so badly, plus my fiance laughed hysterically in the faces of myself and others for about twenty minutes. I don’t even remember going over and messing with the a/c at all in the last week, so I don’t have a single guess why it would be loose plus fall out the window. The only thing that I can honestly suppose is that maybe 1 of the youngsters touched the a/c or ran into it plus afterwards they did not tell myself and others or forget about it. I asked them each if they had possibly touched the a/c, plus they said that they had not touched it… My fiance simply said that she had not touched it either, plus I guess that I didn’t touch the a/c, so now I legitimately can’t figure out why it would just fall out the window without any reason. It was unquestionably securely in the window. The people I was with and I carefully installed that a/c in that window about more than four weeks ago, plus abc then it was unquestionably intentionally localed in there just as it was every year. The people I was with and I have never had an a/c fall out the window in our lives before, nor heard about it happening to others… however I suppose there is consistently a first for everything.


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