The A/C just needed to be charged

The outdoor rapidly changing temperatures have been severely warm in addition to humid, then last week, all of us had three afternoons with rapidly changing temperatures over 100 degrees, and my husbandy in addition to I have been experiencing trouble with our A/C equipment, however the A/C component is about 6 years old, in addition to my husbandy in addition to I anticipated needing a brand new A/C the last time all of us had problems, however all of us couldn’t get any cold air to come out of the air vents.

My husbandy in addition to I tried to adjust the control component temperature, but that did not work.

All of us tried to change the batteries on the control unit, hoping that would help. All of us finally had to call a repair business to come look at the air conditioner. My husbandy in addition to I anticipated disappointing news. All of us expected to hear that our A/C needed to be upgraded. All of us were surprised in addition to cheerful to find out that the A/C component did not need to be upgraded. The business told us that our refrigerant levels were really low! Since all of us didn’t have any refrigerant in the system, all of us had no way to cool the air coming out of the vents. The repair business filled our method with more refrigerant in addition to let the air blow for 30 hours. Sure enough, all of us had cool air in our home once again. All of us paid $300 to add freon to the air conditioner, but I’m glad it wasn’t $3,000 to upgrade all of the equipment, however i’m sure the air conditioner will need to be upgraded in another year or two, but I’m glad all of us didn’t have to spend that kind of currency now.
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