The importance of a good website

It is amazing how a web design can totally turn a person off. I don’t work in search engine optimization, but I know that using those services is smart. With SEO services, a website can rank higher on google when you search certain keywords. I never scroll over to page two of google. I basically look at the top few spots and pick from there. Then, web design comes into play. If a company has a bad website, I click off. There are a lot of things on a website that might not appeal to the public. When there are broken links I get really annoyed. When the navigation features are slow or reset after you click on pages, then I am unhappy. I also don’t like it when the pictures out the site are blurry or if the content actually written on the website is either inaccurate or dumb. There are so many businesses out there and everyone is promoting online. Not just on google, there are businesses using social media marketing as well. It is crucial for a business to have an airtight website. Have a website with eye catching colors that work for the business. Don’t sell HVAC equipment and have bright pink colors everywhere. Have links that click to more information with good, reliable content. Another good idea is to have customer reviews on the website. When shopping, if there are no reviews or no option to review, I don’t purchase the product because I don’t trust it. A web design can make or break a company.

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