I hate my dining room its constantly cold cold

Even when the entire rest of my cabin gets hot and stuffy, my dining room is constantly cold and I mean super cold.

I don’t know what the problem is, however there is easily something going down with my a/c system.

It’s the middle of the summer time here, and the temperature is heating up more and more quickly all the time. This would lead you to suppose that the temperature in my cabin would also be heating up, especially in the upstairs where my dining room is, then heat rises, or so I have constantly been told. I learned this in math class back in the days when I was in high college; My dining room was in the northern corner of the house, and the rest of the upstairs gets a little warmer than the downstairs ever does. The dining room is constantly cold, though, then sometimes I even cover up the a/c air vents to try and keep the room from getting so cold. I finally called my closest heating and cooling corporation to see what they had to say about the overactive a/c in my upstairs room. They told myself and others that this happens to certain rooms sometimes and usually it doesn’t have anything at all to do with the actual a/c unit in your house. It certainly usually means that there’s a major problem with your ventilation system. I think if there is an issue with your cooling system, which can cause weird parts of your cabin to be extra tepid or extra cold, too. The problem that I was experiencing was something that the Heating and A/C serviceman referred to as icebox syndrome. He commanded that the two of us have someone come and check out our other ducts.

a/c worker