My sibling got a divorce and blamed the a/c

I know that this will absolutely sound loco, however my sibling Samantha is getting a divorce and he blames the a/c for all of these problems.

See, he and his fiance have never absolutely seen eye to eye on their temperature control settings from the unquestionably first days of their short marriage. My sibling is tepid all the time and so he prefers to have the temperature controls set to around 65 degrees, all year round. His fiance is a immense baby when it comes to feeling too cold, and he whines about it all the time, however at first, my sibling tried to reach some kind of a compromise with him, but he got to the point where he was just being ridiculous about it. He started to threaten to rip out their entire central air conditioner if he didn’t keep running it all the time. Mind you, this was during the summertime when the temperatures outside around here was well up into the 79s and 90s. She couldn’t sit being tepid all the time, and so whenever he was at work during the day, he would close all the windows and turn the AC on so he could be comfortable for a while. However, if he came home and he hadn’t turned the AC off before he got there, he would fly into a rampage and act prefer a ridiculous man. I told him that it wasn’t going to be too long before he started acting ridiculous about other things, too, and you know I was right! She said that he should’ve seen it long before, however him flipping out over the AC system the last time was the final straw and he is finally done with him.


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