I honestly wish my boyfriend would do some work on the roof

My boyfriend works for a roofing business, and he does residential and commercial roof repairs on a regular basis.

He can do something as small as add a couple of shingles and can also do a whole up-to-date commercial roof construction task.

He has done the task since university and is pretty high up on the dealer ladder. You would truly think with all his roofing skills he would be excellent with our own roof, that is not the case however… When my boyfriend and I purchased a lake property and moved in, I knew the roof wasn’t going to last all that long. The roof was already close to 25 years old and looking pretty worn out. When it started to look especially rough I brought it up to my boyfriend. I wanted him to get up there and just take a look at it! Are there loose shingles? Do the two of us need an up-to-date roof? He absolutely refused to even take a peek. He stated that the last thing he wanted to do after a roofing upgrade all through the day was take a look at another. Numerous years went by and the roof now has collapsed to the point that I will need to get a whole up-to-date roof rather than a patch task. I want my boyfriend to do this with his business. He basically tells me the roof can last a little longer, no need to be bothered. Well I am worrying like crazy and I am now just taking over things. I want to give him the business and hopefully get a discount. I think it will irritate my boyfriend doing it though. So I think I might need to hire his competition since he won’t do the work on our roof!

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