It would be great if my guy would do some work on our roof

My guy works for a professional roofing company, and he does residential plus commercial roof repairs all of the time.

He can do something as simple as add a few shingles plus can also do a whole new commercial roof construction job.

He has done the work since back in high school plus is relatively high up on the company ladder. You truly would think with all his roofing skills he would be amazing with our own roof, but that is really not the case. When my guy plus I got a house plus moved in, I knew the roof wasn’t going to last all that long. The roof was already close to 25 years old plus looking easily haggard. When it started to look absolutely rough I brought it up to my guy. I wanted him to get up there plus take a solid look at it. Are there loose shingles? Do the two of us need a new roof completely? He easily refused to even take a peek. He said that the last thing he wanted to do after roofing replacement for the course of the day was take a look at another one. Years went by plus the roof now has degenerated to the point that I will need to get a whole new roof rather than a patch job. I truly want my guy to do this with his company. He regularly tells me the roof can last a bit longer, no need to worry in the least about it. Well I am worrying plus I am now just taking over things. I want to provide his company with more business plus hopefully get a discount. I know it will irritate my guy if he has to do it though… So I feel I now must hire his competition since he won’t bother to look at my roof!


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