The new filter system

We were having one of those summers where it just seems to get hotter and hotter without end in sight for cooler temperatures. My family live in the northeast part of the country where it usually does not get too hot during the summer.  But over the past 20 years it does seem to get hotter each year. The forecast was for record breaking temperatures and everyone was bracing for it as if it was a winter blizzard. When I woke up that morning, the house seemed warmer that usual. As I went toward the kitchen to start the coffee, I stopped at the thermostat to check the temperature.  It was five degrees warmer than it was set so I turned it down a couple degrees and waited for the air conditioner to kick on, but nothing happened. I went to basement and looked at the unit then outside to look at the compressor unit. I am not sure what I expected to do but somehow it seemed like a logical thing to do. I knew we were in trouble so I immediately called our HVAC service company only to discover that they were booked solid for the day but could come out the next afternoon. What choice did I have? My family was not as understanding when they got up. Young people today expect to be comfortable always! I explained that we would just have to tough it out for one day until the A/C could get fixed. We tried a number of things such as running some box fans in different parts of the house. But all they did was move the warm air around.  The worst part was trying to sleep with the house being over 80 degrees inside and very humid. The next day the most welcome sight was the HVAC repair truck pulling into our driveway. Within a couple hours they had our A/C unit repaired and wonderful cool air started to flow from all the air vents. We will remember this hottest day for a long time.

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