It would have been nice to have noticed the gutter issue sooner

I will easily confess that I am sort of an oblivious person.

People joke that if you want to hide things from me, simply put it out of my line of sight… I never had any real luck finding an Easter basket as well as I can’t even find canned goods I keep up high! My observational skills are truly not that great.

I guess this is why my gutter repair has gotten to the point of being extremely bad. I never look up towards my roof as well as gutters. I simply walk in as well as outside the dwelling. I will look down as well as look at the grass, however that is basically it. I then started noticing that my walkway appeared to be cracked as well as was always wet. Then there was mold, water in my basement as well as then foundation cracks. I started taking a look online at what could be causing all these things. The regular factor was a major gutter repair. I went outside as well as looked up at my gutters as well as was appalled. They were so congested with debris as well as rusted looking it totally made me gasp. I right away got on the iphone with a roofing dealer that also handles gutter repair, however when the guy came over he was alarmed at how rotted my gutters were. They couldn’t be saved. He basically had to rip off every single piece as well as install a brand new gutter system. The job wasn’t cheap since I paid for stainless steel gutters that hopefully will last a tad bit longer. The gutter setback is now fixed despite the fact that I have a messed up walkway, foundation as well as messy basement. This is a serious disaster.


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