A friend of mine is working with a police misconduct attorney to pursue his case

It breaks my heart to hear about the constant systematic racism that my friend Chris is victim to on a daily basis.

When you’re privileged enough to not be seen as an “other” by the majority race where you live, it’s easy to forget what it’s like for people who are.

He can’t even walk into the grocery store without getting concerned and worried looks from at least one customer or employee. When he wants to buy clothing or electronics for instance, he is often indiscreetly followed around the store by a manager and is hardly ever left alone to shop in peaceful solitude. Worst of all, he is always facing adversity with his employers, everyone from local restaurants where he once waited tables to the university he was recently working at. The last job turned into a nightmare when fellow staff members started isolating themselves from Chris because he wore a shirt to work that simply said, “Black Lives Matter.” Soon thereafter, he was stopped by campus police and was told to lay on the ground and get forcefully handcuffed while he kept insisting he was a staff member. Word got back to Chris that several of his coworkers called campus police on purpose to harass him into quitting his job. Not only did Chris find an attorney who specializes in police misconduct, but they also handle workplace discrimination suits as well. He took all of the evidence that he could find and presented it to his attorney when they met earlier in the week. The attorney is confident that my friend Chris will succeed with his case if it ever goes to trial.

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