Figuring out how to feed my son

My boyfriend & I separated a little over two years ago.

While determining all the house & dividing up the possessions & technology was difficult, figuring out the best way to handle the situation with our son was worse. We have a son & despite how my ex-boyfriend & I felt about each other, we didn’t want the separation to affect him more than necessary. We agreed to a joint custody which gave me half of the time with my son. I needed to find a venue to live that would not only be affordable & conveniently located, but feel like a home to my boy. I didn’t want to spend the majority of his time driving between his father’s home & mine. I entirely hoped he would look forward & care about being with me. I was able to purchase a small home in need of some repairs. Between my job, my son’s activities, renovating the home & taking care of everything from cleaning to mowing the lawn, I found myself a bit overwhelmed. There was no way I had time to grocery shop & cook nutritious meals for him. Plus, I have no clue how to cook anything beyond toast & scrambled eggs. A buddy of mine mentioned a local meal delivery service. Assuming it was going to be super expensive, I was reluctant to even look into it. However, I was desperate & finally gave it a try. It’s turned out to be a good solution for me. I get meals delivered on those days when I have custody of my son. My sons has the ability to choose his lunch from a menu.


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