Using meal delivery when I remodel

Shortly after purchasing our house, my wife & I decided to update the kitchen.

We wanted to open up the space for a more welcoming area.

We ripped down walls, sanded down the hardwood floors & transferred plumbing around. We installed bigger windows. We added overhead lights & installed all new cupboards, countertops & appliances. The process was seriously time-consuming, lots of work & messy. I was without a kitchen from November until May. I had a microwave put in the living room & the BBQ on the back patio. Those were my only methods to cook a meal. I then had to wash dishes in the rub. This was not a convenient setup & I wasn’t uneasy to make any home cooked meals. At the start of the project, my wife & I went out to eat a lot or ordered food. This got old really fast. With a little research, I found a meal delivery service nearby. This was super nice for us. Although this company offers delivery, their location is along my drive to & from work. It is easy for myself and my wife to stop in & pick up our order for the week. The diversity of the menu is entirely great. There are enough choices to regularly keep it new, & the food is so fresh. The portions are good sized & there’s no work for me. We utilized the prepared meal service throughout our remodeling of the kitchen. Once my kitchen was completed, I was upset that I had to do some cooking again. I got used to the service.

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