It has made a huge difference

I suppose I’ve tried every kind of diet fad that’s been popular over the last 5 years.

I’ve never had any luck with them. I became really frustrated with my attempts at losing weight. I then came across a meal delivery service linked towards health & fitness. They offer a 20 day challenge that is designed to boost weight loss through portion controlled eating. The concept is to develop a healthier relationship with foods, see fast results right at the start & get further motivated to continue. The process was seriously fun, convenient & affordable. I handled everything on my computer. I contacted the business, filled out all the info & put in my order. I was then emailed by a lifestyle coach who helped me pick food for the first week. This customized idea ensured that I targeted my exact goals & requirements. I was excited to discover that along with a healthy nutritional diet plan, I also had access to a training program. To get active & live a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet plus physical interest are necessary. I was partnered with a fitness expert who gave guidance & support to achieve my target weight. He took into consideration my weight, height, age & long-term objectives. Everything from the meals & the exercises were customized to suit my needs and who I am as a person. The benefits of the lifestyle coach have been amazing. He has encouraged my efforts & held me accountable. The addition of healthy eating habits made a world of difference.

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