Workout helps with health, mood and confidence

I’ve learned that exercise puts me in a more positive mood. On the day that I get up and workout right away, I am more productive and happier. Even if I start out tired and slow, I usually can get myself motivated as I progress through the workout. I manage to elevate my heart rate and work up a sweat. Devoting an hour to stretching, lifting weights and working various muscle groups makes me feel good because I accomplished something for myself. I’m proud of my discipline and hard work. I feel stronger, faster, healthier and very fit. Working out also keeps me looking better which provides more confidence. During the workout, I play upbeat music quite loud. I take the opportunity to clear my head and focus on my goals. I don’t dwell on work responsibilities or any personal concerns. I utilize very positive thoughts, encourage myself and use my workout to get rid of excess stress. I am positive that strenuous, daily exercise allows me to sleep better and more consistently. I know that I enjoy a more productive day at work and am more pleasant to be around. On those mornings that I oversleep and don’t get time for my workout, I tend to be fatigued, moody and sort of lazy. I then look for energy in coffee or eating sugary snacks. This ends up making me feel ashamed of myself and worsens my mood. I am sure that maintaining a dedicated fitness regiment is vital to a better quality of life. My efforts promote better health and also give me goals to work toward as I strive to improve speed, strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. Every morning, my goal is be a little better than the day before.


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