Fit bike offers exercise opportunity during the workday

My job demands very long hours.

  • I’m seated at a desk, watching a screen, typing on a keyboard all day long.

I know that remaining sedentary for the majority of the day can lead to health concerns. Shortly after I started the job, I gained a few pounds and began dealing with pain. Soreness in my neck and joints, leg cramps, back pain and headaches were everyday difficulties. These issues resulted in trouble sleeping soundly at night. Deprived of necessary rest, I had trouble getting up on time in the mornings and lacked energy during the rest of the day. Because my job is primarily based on project completion, a decrease in productivity required me to work more hours. This made the situation steadily worse, and I started suffering from the early stages of depression. I realized that I needed to become more physically active and improve my eating habits. I wasn’t sure how to best go about it. I don’t have an abundance of extra time to donate to workouts. I started packing myself a healthy lunch every day. This allowed me to avoid fast food. I started stocking baby carrots, grapes and other easy-to-eat fruits and vegetables for snacking. I filled my cupboards and refrigerator with a broad selection of fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, along with nuts, oatmeal and lean proteins. Instead of going drive-thru meals in a bag for dinner, I made the extra effort to cook a more nutritious meal. Making the time to exercise was a challenge. I took the opportunity to workout and get more active on the weekends. During the work week, I was too exhausted and stressed. I couldn’t force myself get up any earlier in the mornings. At the end of the workday, I simply wanted to rush home and relax. The ideal solution was a fit bike. I can pedal the bike while I work. It features a built-in desk that offers a spot for my laptop. I am able to type away on my keyboard while pedaling and take advantage of a low resistance workout. Although the bike doesn’t get me out of breath, sweaty or my elevate my heart rate all that much, spending multiple hours on the bike adds up a great deal of calories burned.

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