Running barefoot

Physical fitness is a priority to me, and I make a habit of working out for around an hour every morning.

Although I make sure to change up the types of workouts I do, I really like to go for a run.

While I have a treadmill, I prefer to run outdoors. I enjoy the sunshine and fresh air and feel that I get a better workout. I think I push myself at an increased pace when I’m outdoors. I used to go for long runs around the neighborhood. I had to give this up because of issues with nasty dogs and pot holes. There were several occasions when I didn’t feel threatened. I’ve also found that it’s difficult to dress properly for the weather. I’d either wear a jacket that I didn’t need or shiver for the entire run. Because of this, I created a running path around my house. I have a fairly big yard and if I run the perimeter of the property three times, that adds up to a mile. I sprayed a path with weed killer and as I’ve repeatedly run the same track, I’ve pounded the ground flat and hard. I’ve created such a smooth path that I can now run barefoot. I’ve found that running barefoot has eliminated many of the issues I used to have with my feet. I often used to deal with blisters, calluses and the pain of plantar fasciitis. Since running barefoot, I feel great. I like to keep closer to home, where I have access to water and a bathroom. It’s convenient to be able to end the run at any time.

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