Attempting to lose baby weight

My three kids were all born within a five year span.

  • While my husband and I wanted to have our children close together in age, this took a toll on my body.

I was not happy with my weight. I had never been so heavy or out of shape in my life. With limited time and budget, I wasn’t able to join a gym, sign up for fitness classes or work with a personal trainer. I needed to workout on my own, whenever there was an opportunity. I got into running because it required no expensive gear, and I could head out whenever there was someone available to watch the kids. Whether I ran for twenty minutes or over an hour, I burned a great deal of calories and got my heart rate elevated. I also appreciated how quickly I improved my speed and stamina. When I first started, I could only run about half a mile before I needed to slow to a walk. It didn’t take long before I was going for six to eight mile runs and working to trim completion times. I partnered the regular workouts with better eating habits. I eliminated alcohol, coffee, fast foods, sugary snacks, bread, cheese and pasta from my diet. I increased the variety and amount of fresh vegetables and fruit and included a lot of fish. I saw a dramatic change in my weight, muscle tone and shape of my body. My only issue was that the amount of running was problematic for my feet. I hadn’t invested into proper running shoes, and I developed issues with plantar fasciitis. However, I’ve learned the importance of changing up the workout and spending a bit more money on good shoes and gear.

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