We learned some renovations skills

My partner and I’ve been out house-hunting for almost a year now, and we’re a little frustrated. We aren’t in a big rush or anything to move all our stuff around town. For that reason, we’re picking out the “losers” and vetting our remaining options thoroughly! We want to make sure the both of us get the best deal possible, and we don’t mind putting in a little extra work to make sure our dollar goes further than ever! There’s been a few houses that require a little bit of additional work if we were to move in. One of them actually recently had their heating and air conditioner go out, but the former owners had no desire to have the thing replaced. Because of this, the house was remarkably cheaper than any other similar houses. We really don’t mind having an HVAC company come to install a new heating and air conditioning system. We’ll install it ourselves if we must! If it means that we’re going to get a much better deal in the end, it’s totally worth it. Besides, my partner is a regular handyman and it’d be a walk in the park for him to fix it. He wouldn’t hesitate to do it, if it meant a better deal on a house. If both of us found a place where all we had to install was a new Heating and A/C system, or even that as well as a new plumbing system, it would likely be the better deal for us. It would actually be a ideal scenario, really, as it would also give us something to work on together. I could stand to learn some new renovating skills, and he could stand to learn some patience!

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