The hottest day

I live in the northeastern part of the United States, where you never seem to know just what the summer will bring.  Most of the time, you can wing it if you don’t have any air conditioning, but then there are times when the temperatures get up into the nineties and you don’t think they will ever end.  Last week, the weathermen couldn’t talk about anything but the record breaking heat wave that was coming our way. People seemed to start preparing, like it was a major blizzard on the way.  When I got out of bed that morning, I headed to the kitchen and got my coffee. I always look at the outside temperature and I check the thermostat to make sure it is set where it should be. I noticed that it was already a couple of degrees to warm, so I reset the thermostat and I went back to my coffee and newspaper, and waited for the air conditioning to click on.  When the kids got up and the AC still hadn’t come on, I wasn’t going to wait. I called the HVAC company to come and check our AC unit. My kids were devastated when I told them we had to go without air conditioning for a full twenty-four hours before someone could service us. We made it through the day, but sleeping without the AC was horrible. There was never a more welcome sight than when we saw the HVAC repairman pull up this next morning.  About an hour later, we, once again, had cool air blowing from the air vents.

A/C repair