This works fine for me

But not too often like others have reported

I don’t know what people are talking about when they talk about the flaws of wireless thermostats. I actually have a wireless thermostat that I have been using for almost 3 years now and it does me just fine. I have never had one single issue with this wireless thermostat. If anything, this wireless thermostat has been the best thing I have ever upgraded to in terms of my central heating and air conditioning equipment. You can not only program this wireless thermostat to do whatever you want, but you can also control it from your smart phone. So let’s say you are going to work and want to turn off the HVAC system. You can turn it off, and then when you are about to leave and be on your way home, you can instruct your wireless thermostat to come on via an app on your smart phone and have your home at the perfect temperatures when you walk in the door! You can not do this with an old dial thermostat or a digital thermostat. Sure, there have been times where I ran into small flaws with the app communicating with the wireless thermostat. But not too often like others have reported. Maybe I just got lucky that the brand of the wireless thermostat that I have, and the brand of my central heating and air conditioning system are exactly the same. That may be playing a part on why it works great 99 percent of the time. Whatever the case, I love my wireless thermostat and will not get rid of it.


a/c serviceman