Afraid to change the air filter

I live in the most horrible arena in the United States… You may have heard of it, then it’s called Arizona… This arena is literally hell on earth and do not ever let anyone tell you differently! The temperature is awful, the air quality is bad and the arena is not fit for human life in our opinion! I can not even take care of our central heating and air conditioner plan properly because of a large issue that the people I was with and I have out in this hole of satan; Just care about a horror film, there lives the most deadly scorpions in the whole country here, but and they periodically care about to hide in the attics and other spaces in your home.

This includes where the air filter is for the central heating and air conditioner! So it is certainly precious that I absolutely change our air filter in fear for our life! I have had to have some drastic repercussions from this, however such as terrible indoor air conditions which I try to combat with a portable air cleaner.

It helps, but it still doesn’t clean the indoor air conditions because of the air filter of the central Heating & Air Conditioning plan not getting changed as often as it should. I change our air filter of our central heating and air conditioner plan maybe once a year. And when I do, I have to put on lots of protective clothing and special vinyl gloves in the event that I have some of satan’s creatures waiting to try to get me up there! So far so good, but i’m regularly on edge.

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