Afraid to change the air filter

I live in the most horrible stadium in the USA, but you may have heard of it! It’s called Arizona! This stadium is literally hell on earth & do not ever let anyone tell you differently! The temperature is awful, the air quality is terrible & the stadium is not fit for human life in our opinion! I can not even take care of our central heating & air conditioning properly because of a giant issue that both of us have out in this hole of satan; Just love a horror movie, there lives the most deadly scorpions in the whole country here… And they periodically love to hide in the attics & other spaces in your home.

This includes where the air filter is for the central heating & air conditioning! So it is truly rare that I really change our air filter in fear for our life! I have had to have some extreme repercussions from this.

Such as terrible air quality which I try to combat with a portable whole-house air purifier. It helps, but it still doesn’t wipe the air quality because of the air filter of the central Heating & A/C system not getting changed as often as it should. I change our air filter of our central heating & air conditioning maybe once a year. And when I do, I have to put on lots of protective clothing & special vinyl gloves in the event that I have some of satan’s creatures waiting to try to get myself and others up there! So far so good, but i’m always on edge.
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