Understanding the feel

In our area of the country, we can some really brutal heat during the summer.  It doesn’t last for weeks on end, but that just makes it even worse when we do experience the heat waves, because we aren’t used to it.  When the weather forecaster started talking about an upcoming heat wave, you would have thought we we were getting snowed in, by the reactions of the older persons.  It was kind of funny to watch, but I could understand how they must feel. On the day the heat wave was to begin, I immediately checked the thermostat when I got up. I wanted to make sure it was programmed to keep the house comfortable all day long without many fluctuations.  The thermostat was reading warmer than I wanted it to be, so I turned the temperature down a bit more. When my kids got up, they complained about the air conditioning not working. That’s when I realized it wasn’t the fault of the thermostat, but our air conditioning unit had quit working.  I quickly called the HVAC company, but they had so many calls already, that they were unable to get to me in less than twenty-four hours. I set up a lot of fans, but we had a horrible night trying to sleep because of the heat and humidity. I don’t know if it was me or the kids that was the happiest, when the HVAC repairman showed and fixed the air conditioning, at 7AM that morning.  It was great to feel the air conditioning working again.

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