Not our top option

When i went to the store to buy air filters for our central heating & air conditioning the other day, I was a bit let down to find out that they were all sold out of the correct air filters that I buy. All they had left in stock was these washable air filters. I am not a giant fan of washable air filters in the least. I had tried them in the past & they did not live up to their standards. The washable air filters did their job, but our correct air filters did much better. But as for right now, because the store was out of the correct air filters & I needed to have our central heating & air conditioning fully toiling with some kind of air filter, I had to buy some. I asked the store when they thought they would have correct air filters in again, & they said in a week. So I just bought a few washable air filters. I will use them for now. But when they get a current stock in of the correct ones, I will be buying a whole ton of them so I do not have to go through this again in the event they end up being out of them in the future. I think it’s always superb to prepare ahead. That is something I should have done before so I could have avoided having to get these washable air filters that I absolutely hate! But it is what it is as the teenagers this week say.

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