Dad made sure to have the HVAC system fixed on our boat

My family owns a really nice boat and we were recently invited to go on a boat parade! The boat parade is always fun to watch because the boats are all decorated with lights and they even shoot off fireworks.

I had never actually been in a boat parade before, but I was really excited about it. One thing my father said we had to make sure of was that our climate control system in the boat was working great. So we had an HVAC technician come out to our boat to work on the climate control system. He performed an HVAC system tune-up and made sure the refrigerant was topped off to the cooling system. That air conditioning was ice-cold in the cabin of the boat after he was finished! The only thing we had to do was decorate the boat and make it look entirely pretty! When we were out there cruising the water with the other boats, it felt great because people were cheering and clapping for us. We made our boat look really good too with extra bright lights that had all kinds of beautiful colors. It was really nice spending time in the cabin of the boat with the A/C on, and when it got cooler at night, we switched the climate control system over to heating. I’m glad that our father thought to have the climate control system worked on, because I remember last time we went out on the water, the climate control system was struggling. This time though, the heating and cooling was entirely on point!

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