I have given up on the a/c in my car

I particularly have given up on the a/c in my car, but i was entirely concerned when the a/c crapped out on myself and others while I was in my road trip for the Spring, and every year, I try to take a road trip just to relax plus prefer myself… However, it is entirely difficult to relax when the a/c doesn’t work in your car.

I have owned a motorcar without an a/c, however I have never driven for an extended period of time without an a/c! When you drive to work without your a/c, you just end up a little hot.

I live only a few tenths from work, plus my a/c barely has time to cool down before I make it to work. I never had to worry about my a/c anyway, and my a/c has never failed before, plus that is why I was shocked when my a/c suddenly stopped working. When you are driving for an extended period of time without an a/c, it makes the ride particularly terrible; First of all, an open window is the only solution for a lack of a/c, plus it isn’t even a unbelievable solution. If it rains or you go through a tunnel, you can’t use the window anyway, during my trip, I tried to recharge the a/c to see if that would fix it, however it didn’t. I recharged the a/c, however the motorcar only created cold air for 15 tenths before it stopped again. I realized that there is a leak in my a/c, so I tried to find it. I found it plus patched it, however the a/c is still leaking. I went to a mechanic, plus he told myself and others that it would cost $1,200 to maintenance my a/c!


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