My HVAC unit is so low-maintenance

I absolutely love my furnace.

I have literally never seen a furnace that is as nice as mine.

When I bought this house, the house came with a new furnace. Apparently the old owner was having problems with the furnace that was in the house before, and he decided that he would rather replace the furnace with a nicer furnace. Sure, the furnace isn’t the best model of a furnace in the world, but the furnace was decently good, and it worked well for the house. However, the owner of the house got divorced shortly afterward, and he had to sell his house that had the new furnace. I bought that house nearly 25 years ago, and I am shocked to admit that I haven’t had to replace the furnace yet. You might be thinking that I must have spent a ton of money keeping the furnace running, but honestly, I haven’t spent a lot of money on the furnace. Every year, I pay for the furnace to be inspected, and I hardly ever have to fix anything after the HVAC technician inspects it. In 25 years of owning the furnace, I have never had the furnace stops working in the middle of the winter. Obviously, there have been repairs on the furnace, but at this age, I am surprised that the furnace is still running. Most furnaces are only made to last 15 years, and my furnace wasn’t the best furnace ever. It should have stopped working, but apparently, the manufacturer that created this furnace did an awesome job with the furnace. I honestly couldn’t believe my luck. I have no idea how long the furnace will last, but I definitely got my money’s worth.

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