I heard they legalized marijuana

My mother acted traumatized when she found out they had legalized marijuana.

  • She couldn’t suppose how our country had been going so far downhill that it was allowing people to legally use drugs.

I sat there as well as watched mama as she downed his second martini. She had a bottle of wine every night with his dinner. She smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes a day, but he was talking about how it was highly immoral for someone to smoke marijuana. She spouted off about how it is wrong to legalize marijuana. I had the audacity to mention about the martini as well as the wine, as well as he glared before downing the drink as well as walking away. I was lucky all I got was a severe glare. I started calling all of my friends as well as asking them if they had heard the news. The state had finally legalized marijuana. I assumed it was going to take a while to get all of the rules fully implemented. They needed to train everyone who was going to grow the marijuna. The folks who owned the legal marijuana stores now had to think of all of the laws. They needed to think everything they possibly could, about the strange new strains of marijuana as well as how they reacted on the body. They had to impart all of this new information to everyone who worked for them. I couldn’t wait until I saw a legal marijuana store opening their doors in our area. I wanted to take the training as well as task in it. I am thinking that I may even choose to open a couple marijuana stores as well as run them myself. I could be a legit corporation owner in no time.

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