Is marijuana going to help at all with my arthritis pain?

They also told myself and others that what I chose may not be the right marijuana that I required

When I saw a recreational marijuana store opening in our area, I was tempted to go in as well as check it out. Nothing that the dentist did was ever able to ease the pain as well as crippling joint twists of my chronic arthritis. He had myself and others on a ton of medications that all needed other medications to counteract the reactions I was having to the strange drugs. I walked away from it that day, but not the next day. I was always in so much pain that I couldn’t stay away. I had heard how marijuana could help with the pains, as well as I was ready to try it out. I called the recreational marijuana store as well as asked about a website. I got the information as well as I went online. I was surprised at how much information I was able to find. They even gave delivery to my area, so everything was contact-free. I liked that system because both of us were in a section that was still under quarantine from the pandemic. I put in a small order as well as I picked out a few items I may want to sample. I earned a phone call from the marijuana store, asking myself and others when I wanted my delivery. They also told myself and others that what I chose may not be the right marijuana that I required. He made some suggestions as well as told myself and others that he was going to throw in a few samples I hadn’t asked for. I couldn’t suppose how easy it was to talk to the people working in the marijuana store. The medical marijuana dispensary would have been my very first choice, but I’m ecstatic they made marijuana legal so I didn’t need to go through all the hassle of getting a medical marijuana prescription.


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