Will medical marijuana absolutely help with cancer?

My darling fiance came to myself and others the other day as well as asked if I believed marijuana might help with the chronic pain as well as nausea that came from my cancer.

I was fair about what I thought.

I wasn’t sure if that was right, but by this point, I thought anything that could help him was worth the try. The next time that both of us went to a medical appointment, he was prepared to ask the dentist about using marijuana. The dentist informed him that he strongly suggested my fiance try marijuana. I was satisfied that the dentist brought up the concept because I was afraid my fiance would chicken out. He gave my fiance a piece of paper that had some info on it. He said both of us should take it to the local medical marijuana store. He said he no longer required to have a prescription so all he had to do was hand the clerk the paper. Every one of us were pretty sad when both of us entered the legal marijuana store. It wasn’t what either of us were expecting. I’m not sure what I expected. My fiance gave the paper to the man at the front counter. He handed it to someone at the back of the store. An older gentleman came out as well as asked my fiance as well as I to come into the back. He showed my fiance strange things he could use. He said he could smoke, or enjoy edibles, or use tinctures. He explained what to expect from the marijuana. Every one of us left the marijuana store, feeling assured that the dentist was right about marijuana. He couldn’t wait to get house as well as test the marijuana as well as hopefully recognize a bit more enjoy his aged self.


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