I’m not the only 1 who wants to try smoking marijuana now that it is legalized.

I had never believed I was the only person who was stoked to try marijuana when it became legalized.

I didn’t realize exactly how several people I knew, who were also just as stoked. I tried to hide my glee when I took my first trip into the local legal marijuana. I looked all around to be sure there wasn’t anyone that I knew sitting outside the marijuana store. I didn’t want to be jeered at or teased for wanting to go into the store. When I entered the store, it appeared to be empty until I heard some voices coming from the back room. As the bell rang over the door, someone came out from a back room. He apologized for not being there to greet me. I had only been in the marijuana store for a couple minutes. The first thing he did was to look at my ID to make sure I was legal and over twenty-one as well as that it wasn’t a fake ID. Every one of us talked about why I was in the store as well as I told him I was looking for recreational marijuana. He explained how much I could purchase at once, as well as that I had to take it house to use it. I could not be in public, or in my car. If the marijuana container was opened as well as I got pulled over, I could be fined. As the man talked to me, I was surprised. I saw more than one relatives come out from the back room. I was shocked to see 1 of them was my own pop! He smiled sheepishly as he paid for his marijuana, and mine. He wrapped his arm around my head as well as told myself and others I didn’t have to buy. I would have never supposed that my pop would have shown up in a marijuana store even if the marijuana had been made legal.


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