Improper care for my poor mother

It has been a rough year trying to get great care for my mama.

  • First my mom fell while trying to go up the staircase going to her bedroom.

My mother was fortunate that she ultimately caught herself and prevented rolling down the stairs totally, but she still broke her hip in the process. My mother had to find a lake house where she is at ground level with no additional floors above. My mom eventually found a charming place in Warren, however soon after my mother fell ill to pneumonia plus spent numerous weeks in ICU care. The ventilators caused minor brain destruction to her and then she was in a forced coma to stay alive. My mom was never the same after that, plus I found myself in a tough situation having to find a great nursing home where my mom could recover from it. Even the best internet reviews cannot account for everything regarding a business of any proportion. I thought I was placing my mom in the best nursing home in Wayne County, however instead she was subjected to cruel nursing home treatment. My mom had bed sores after just a week of being admitted. Nurses would refuse to administer medication, while the CNAs were verbally plus physically abusive. I started searching all over the place to find the best personal injury law firm to handle my mother’s nursing negligence case. I was amazed when all of my findings pointed to a law firm here in Warren that is just down the street from my mother’s home. I will be going to see the personal injury attorney very soon.


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