Both of us are turning our garage into a residing room

Both of us have decided to turn our garage into some extra residing space.

As our kids get older plus bigger, they need extra space, especially when they have all of their friends over all the time.

There are consistently kids in our home plus however I don’t really mind it, I do wish that we had some extra room. That’s why we decided that we were going to do this addition for the house. Everything has gone pretty well with the addition so far, however we have recently gotten to the stage of the project where we are going to have to decide what to do about the Heating plus A/C system in that area of the house. Both of us weren’t really sure if we wanted to try plus use our existing heating plus cooling system plus just run some extra HVAC duct to the addition or not. That seemed prefer it was going to be a pretty pricey option, plus then our Heating plus A/C company also told us that trying to heat plus cool all of the extra space with the same size Heating plus A/C machine would put a lot of extra load on our furnace plus our central ; She suggested that instead of running the Heating plus A/C HVAC duct into the garage, we might want to install something called a ductless mini split air conditioner. With an Heating plus A/C system prefer this one, you don’t have to have any HVAC duct at all. I asked the Heating plus A/C company if she thought that it would cost us more on our healing plus cooling bills if we used a ductless mini split system instead, despite the fact that she said no. She really thought that it was the best occasion for what we were looking for.

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