The temperature war

A couple of months ago we moved our office downtown from a big shared building into our own smaller building. We now have our very own HVAC system in the office, which is so much better than what we had before. In our previous building, we were always fighting over the building’s shared thermostat system. All of the other businesses in our previous building seemed to be full of people who had the exact opposite body temperatures than the people in our office! It always seemed like when we were freezing over in our office from the massive amounts of air conditioning blowing through the vents, someone in one of the other businesses would sneak to the thermostat and turn the air conditioning temperature down even more! Even worse, if we were burning hot during the summer in that building, someone would inevitably go to the thermostat and turn the furnace on. We called it The Temperature War. It was really ridiculous, but we were losing a lot of valuable time and productivity because of the heating and air conditioning situation. Our office got very hot because one entire wall was made of windows. In the afternoon sun, the light would stream in through those windows and we would feel like we had a furnace running on us non-stop. I’m so glad that we’ve finally moved into a building of our own. Not only does the thermostat stay at the temperature where we put it, but the walls are made of brick and not glass so we don’t have to work in a boiling hot greenhouse!