We need better comfort

For the longest time I was working in an office downtown, and we had to share the building with other companies.  I know that this is normal, but we also shared the thermostat. The thermostat was able to be set by any one individual, and it controlled the entire building.  Everyone behaved like children there, and made for a miserable work situation. It seemed like the floors were warring with each other, and the prize was the control of the thermostat.  I was in an office that was all glass, and it felt like I was working in a greenhouse. It would get so hot, that it was hard to bare. Someone in our office would change the thermostat so the cooling would turn on, and we would have some comfort.  Then someone on another floor would start to feel too cold and the thermostat would get turned down. Now we began to feel like the heating had been turned on. I think that more people were sneaking up to change the thermostat, than what were actually getting any productive work done.  It would have been a much better place to work, had there been a thermostat for every floor, or if someone had just paid the price to have Zone Control installed in the offices. Recently we were able to move into a smaller yet private building. There is no more sneaking around to change the thermostat and we are all comfortable.  The building is brick and there are no longer walls of windows to allow the heat of the sun to shine in and overheat the office.

family comfort