Every one of us broke the smart control unit when moving the furniture out of the house

My fiance plus I were absolutely gleeful when the people I was with and I managed to sell our home! Every one of us were able to close on everything plus the people I was with and I already had our cabin ready to transfer into.

Well, while the people I was with and I were moving all of our things out to the moving truck, the people I was with and I had a excruciating accident with the control unit.

The control unit is right there in the residing room area plus can be somewhat tricky to get past without bumping into it. When the people I was with and I were moving the heavy residing room furniture, our friend entirely tripped plus the furniture slammed into the smart control unit on the wall plus caused it to break! I couldn’t feel it, I paid a wonderful amount of cash to get that control unit, and my friend was apologizing like crazy plus said he would pay for the broken control unit. I told him not to worry about it plus said I would handle it. I felt like it was our fault. I should have been more careful too while the people I was with and I were moving that heavy furniture. I just thought it was a shame to have a nice control unit like that break. I didn’t want to spend a advantage for a new control unit, so I ended up replacing it with a programmable control unit. I’m sure if the new property owners want a smart control unit, they can purchase one on their own. There really was nothing in the contract that said they were guaranteed to have a smart control unit, so I don’t think there will be any complications. I absolutely hope they are not mad about that smart control unit, but if they are, I feel I can send them a new smart control unit.
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