Giving our friend some energy saving tips plus suggestions for improved air quality

Recently I was trying to offer our friend some energy saving tips. I also wanted him to feel how he could improve the air quality in his home. He loved some of the energy saving tips like using blockout curtains to keep the sunlight from overheating the home. Also, he liked the proposal of using LED light bulbs in the summer time which causes less energy use with the air conditioner. Another wonderful energy saving tip was to invest in a wonderful smart control unit. My friend had no clue that smart control units are able to lower the energy bill by as much as 10%. That’s really the main reason why I chose to invest in a wonderful smart control unit. All the other features are superb too, like remote control of the Heating plus A/C system with your smartphone or other wireless attached device. When it came to talking about the air quality, I had to suggest that he invest in high quality air filters. I told him that HEPA air filters were the best ones to go for. Also, I commanded that he invest in a wonderful UV air purification system. The UV air purification system pulls a wonderful amount of contaminants from the air plus also kills dangerous viruses plus bacteria. While our friend said all of this was superb information, he was nervous about the cost of all of these Heating plus A/C components. I had to disclose that HEPA air filters were lavish plus other Heating plus A/C components, but they were really worth the investment. I was gleeful when he said he would save the cash so he could labor on some of these investments.
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