Our two sons walked very different paths

It’s not very easy being a parent these days. There are so many dangers in the world and bad influences from degenerate kids. I wish things weren’t like that and I wish I could shelter my children from the world, but that’s just not how things go. As a matter of fact, the more you try to shelter your children the worse things become. I figure it’s probably best to just tell them about things in the world and how things work so they can be better prepared. Eventually, everybody has to make their own decisions and you will not be able to stop them from making those decisions no matter what you say. I raised two sons with my wife. Our older son was always a good kid until he got involved with the wrong crowd. He is always in and out of jail. Sometimes I blame myself but my wife tells me that it wasn’t our fault. We did our best, but we did try to shelter him from the world to a certain degree. We did things a little differently with our younger son. We told him about the dangers of the world and how there are bad people out there. Well, he ended up hanging out with good people. His friends were considered ‘nerdy’ by others, but they were absolutely brilliant as was he. They ended up becoming interested in the HVAC industry and studied regularly about different HVAC systems and components. Our son ended up telling us how we needed a UV air purification system to improve our health and keep us safe from contracting dangerous viruses. He and his buddies eventually became successful HVAC technicians, and later on they started a very successful HVAC company together that is actually well known to many today.


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