We had to get a loan to replace our gas furnace

When my wife and I started feeling tired and sick in our home, we realized that something was seriously wrong.

We ended up calling the HVAC company to see if there was something wrong with our gas furnace.

I honestly didn’t think there was a problem because I had the gas furnace tuned up before the winter. Unfortunately, the HVAC technician who came out discovered that there was a hairline crack in our heat exchanger which was causing carbon monoxide to leak into our home. He said that we really should have carbon monoxide detectors in our home, but we didn’t have that. I asked him how much it would cost to have the gas furnace repaired and he laughed. I didn’t think this was funny, but then he explained that there was no repairing this HVAC system. He said the whole HVAC unit had to be replaced. I just sat there stunned for a moment. I had to talk about this with my wife. This was kind of an emergency situation, so we decided to take out a loan to afford a new gas furnace. We had the gas furnace installed the next day while we stayed in a hotel until the job was completed. I’m thankful because we could have died, but we lived. We are lucky that we caught the problem in time because the HVAC technician said we could have gone to sleep one night and never woke up. That is a rather scary thought. One thing is for sure, I will always make sure the HVAC technicians check the heat exchanger in the future so I know we will be safe in the winter months.

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