Getting more heat

No one could possibly understand how happy  my coworkers and I were when we were finally able to move our offices to a different building.  We had been sharing a building for several years now. The building had a couple of floors, but there was only one thermostat for the entire building.  It seemed like that one thermostat meant that everyone had to play games for their own comfort. You have no idea how many times I saw grown, professional people, sneaking up to the thermostat in order to reset it for their own personal comfort.  One floor would have it set for heating, because it was so cold in their area. This was usually the first floor, because heat rises. In the winter, they had a problem with keeping it warm enough in their offices. As the heat rose, the second floor should be warmer, but unfortunately, the heat kept right on rising.  They had it better than the first and third floor. I was on the third floor. We not only had all of the heating from the first two floors, but we had a lot of glass windows that left the sun shining in brightly. The offices would get so unbearably hot, that sometimes you felt like you were suffocating. For this reason, you had people rushing downstairs to turn down the thermostat, so we didn’t get any heat.  The other problem was with the air conditioning, because it was always so warm up there, that once again, the other floors were left freezing, if we wanted to compensate for the added heat we had. Can you understand why we were all thrilled ot finally be able to move to another building that was just us and no windows?