I guess our son made the biggest mistake of his life

I appreciate our son plus everything, however I have to say that he has made some particularly foolish decisions in his life, however probably the best thing that happened to him was meeting the lovely young lady who he chose to marry, the anxious thing is that he particularly ruined his marriage.

This young lady was really nice plus we were so ecstatic to welcome her into our family.

The thing is that our son drove her crazy over the years, but she would always encourage him to take care of things around the apartment like the HVAC service plus repairs. She would tell him that she didn’t want to have to pay for costly utility bills if the HVAC wasn’t working at full capacity. She would also remind him to change the air filters correctly, plus really she shouldn’t have had to do all of that, then he should have known to do those things, but it turned out that he kept telling her that he would take care of things like that plus he would tell her that those things were already done. He kept telling her the air filter was already changed for example, plus eventually the air quality would become horrible in the apartment plus she would check the air filter herself, however when she saw the nasty air filter, she became fed up with our son for lying to her. She figured if he would lie about things like that, who knew what else he might be lying about. She genuinely suspected he was cheating on her too, although she wasn’t able to prove it. Eventually they were not able to labor things out, plus they got a divorce. It was the saddest thing, however our son didn’t even seem to care. I guess he made the biggest mistake of his life.

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