Why can’t I just be left alone?

I am so tired of my brothers and sisters bothering me all the time.

I would have thought being the oldest child would give me a little extra freedom and time alone. Whenever mom and dad aren’t at home; I am the one responsible for the younger kids. Normally, I kick them out into the backyard and lock the gate so they can’t get out. They have plenty to do since there is a treehouse, a jungle gym and a trampoline. They have freedom to come and go so they can get a drink, or just enjoy the AC for a while. I mostly sit in the living room with the AC and play my video games. I think about how different it will be when I am eighteen and able to be on my own. I’ll have my apartment and I won’t invite any of them over to visit. The only time they’ll see me is when I come over for a meal. That is only a year away. Until then, I will watch my sisters and brothers and know that I will soon be on my own. Until then, I have all the HVAC I need and I don’t pay bills. I know I’ll need to get a job, pay rent, and take care of the apartment myself. I’m wondering how much the energy bills will be, and if the HVAC will be expensive? I have a lot to think about in the next year, and I’m already wondering how much I’ll miss my family and the free air conditioning in the summer.

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