What happened to the summer?

Because of the pandemic, our summer time has just flown by. All of us aren’t worrying about this when every one of us can go to the beach, or get out plus do fun things. I’m used to going to the park all the time. I have worked at a local amusement park since I was fourteen-years-old. Without the amusement park being open, I have nothing to do. I have been laying at home, enjoying the summer time fly by. My Dad is regularly complaining if I even think about going to visit a friend. She tells myself and others that unless they are also bubbling, as she calls it, she doesn’t want myself and others near them. I kneel in our room playing video games plus unbelievable in the air conditioning. I would much like unbelievable in the AC after coming cabin from the park. Now, I’m looking forward to going to school. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to go to school because of Covid. They are talking about doing online classes for the first semester. I’ll be huddling in our room listening to the AC first plus then the furnace. I don’t love this turn of events. I’m realizing how substantial Heating & Air Conditioning is to the families plus buildings. I talked to our dad plus told him about our thoughts about going to school this fall. I also told him how I had been giving a lot of thought to Heating & Air Conditioning. She told myself and others that if I wanted to change our mind about school, she would be okay. It was our decision. I didn’t want to change our mind, I just wanted to change our course of study to Heating & Air Conditioning certification.



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