We wanted to rough it… but that didn’t happen

My husband had a horrible month recently at his task and then he got sick.

After more than two weeks of non-stop sickness and concerns going on at work, I thought he needed some downtime. I found a large ad in the newspaper that was talking about treehouses you could rent for a weekend. I rapidly picked up the iPhone and made a quick call. It surprised myself and others I could make a reservation for that same weekend. When my husband got home, I already had our clothes entirely packed, and the automobile was ready to go. He was taken aback by the surprise of a trip, but he knew myself and others well. It surely wasn’t the first time I had whisked him away something very fun. I was a bit surprised myself when we reached the ’treehouse’. It was more of a little cottage built up in the trees. There was a ductless mini split Heating and A/C method positioned in the treehouse. If we didn’t want to use the furnace, there was also a small fireplace. I was a bit surprised that there was a fireplace. I actually couldn’t understand why anyone would use a fireplace when we were staying in a treehouse. You would guess the owners would be afraid of burning down the whole entire forest. The two of us had a lovely weekend in that treehouse. The two of us simply sat outside listening to the birds and drinking our coffee. In the evening, we had the windows open wide, with the screens down, and listened to the sounds of the evening. Finally, the two of us turned on the heating method at bedtime. I don’t know who was more relaxed by the time the weekend ended.

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