It’s very warm in here

It always amazes me how grown people can act like children.  They play games and sneak around, thinking that we will never get caught.  When they are caught, they look sheepish, but they still say that it must have been someone else.  We had that situation in the office building where I used to work. There was only one thermostat in the entire building.  Everyone wanted a comfortable office in their area, so there was always someone changing the temperature on the thermostat.  I can’t figure out why anyone would have an office building where there weren’t thermostats in every office. This made the entire building uncomfortable.  Those of us on the top floor were always plagued with the heat. We also had offices that had full frontal windows, and the sun just made it even hotter in there.  I wanted to join the others and go down and put the thermostat at the lowest setting I could get for the air conditioning. Those who were downstairs, would die of frostbite, so that wouldn’t work either.  When those people who were downstairs adjusted the thermostat during the winter, they seldom had the heat they wanted because the heat rose up and warmed the upstairs. I was just glad when our company bought its own building, and we all had Zone Control and absolute comfort.  The new building was made of brick and that helped to keep the cool air inside. There were no where the amount of windows as was in the old office building. We were all glad for the change.