It was the most promising sound

Have you ever had one of those dreams that seemed so freaking great that you felt disappointed when you woke up? I’m not an ice cream junkie, to be honest with you, even though I was dreaming about being a child again.

The other day I could hear the sound of the ice cream truck coming down the street.

I was suddenly picturing the rocket pops and ice cream sandwiches. My mouth was actually watering by the time the alarm went off. A big part of myself and others wanted to rush to the store and buy a box of ice cream sandwiches for the entire day. I dragged myself to the shower and headed out to work. I got a quick call from my associate later that afternoon. She wanted to warn myself and others with great seriousness that we were separate from power and there wasn’t any a/c currently in the apartments. I got home a minute later, and I couldn’t barely breathe whenever I walked inside the hotbox. I had enough windows that I had plenty of light, however nothing on earth was going to help with the a/c if I didn’t have power. I sat there, feeling incredibly depressed over not having the AC, and wondering what I could do in order to make myself more comfortable. I was thinking about my dream and it rapidly reminded myself and others that the ice cream truck was usually going to be coming down our street right about this time. I sat by the window, waiting impatiently for the rock n roll of the ice cream truck. I knew it would not change the cooling problem, but I really wanted my ice cream.

furnace/heater installation