It’s still the same system as before

I remembered being in elementary school the other day as the bell sounded. The two of us waited for the bells to ring back in those days so we could go to the playground. After lunch, we constantly had a bit of playtime. When I got to school, it was so different. Ringing bells meant it was always going to be time to rush to the next class. Lunch time meant it was time to gulp down our disgusting food and find a few hours to laugh with our friends. Now, I am happily out of school and in the workforce. Things have changed little. The group of us have bells to let us know when it is break time. The group of us eat lunch while talking to our friends and enjoying a bit of relaxation. The only major difference is that when we go back to work, we are creating items that work to make other people comfortable. I work in an HVAC supplier that creates and builds a/c units. I had constantly wanted to be a real engineer, however who would have thought it would have finally brought myself and others to finally working with Heating and A/C. I know a good deal of it had to do with my dad being an Heating and A/C serviceman in town. He constantly said that someday I should join his business, even though I surely never wanted to be an Heating and A/C tech. Now, I am finally working for the HVAC shop. I help to design and build the up-to-date technology that my dear old dad is constantly looking for, for his customers. Besides the bells, in my day the a/c component seems to be the best part.

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